Wullie blocks out the pain in fundraising leg wax

Opinion may have been divided about his pain threshold.

But everyone who watched “Wullie gets waxed” was united in agreement that the Hospice’s Acting Head of Fundraising put in a sterling effort on Friday to gather money for the Charity.

And while the experience of having his legs made hairless was “worse than I thought”, there’s no doubt  Wullie was pleasantly surprised by the generosity of his sponsors, who helped him raise over £400.

Wullie said: “It was painful. Extreme pain. The others looked delighted when I was getting it done.”

Not one of the many staff members who filmed and photographed Wullie’s every wince of agony could spot a tear being shed.

While that was commendable, Hospice therapist Catriona, who carried out the treatment using warm wax and a spatula, noted: “His perception of pain is higher than most.” In other words, man up Wullie.

Another observer suggested he might, with his newfound smooth appearance, target an appearance in next year’s Tour de France.

But Wullie admitted: “If this is what it involves, I’m going to cancel my career as an elite cyclist.”