Visits & Clinical Placement Opportunities

Planning a Clinical Visit

Planning a visit to St Margaret of Scotland Hospice is a simple, straight forward process. In the first instance, you should contact the Hospice Education Centre using the contacts below to register your interest with the Hospice Lecturer who will support your request by coordinating your placement, by developing a bespoke programme according to your personal or professional interests, aims and objectives, and by liaising with the appropriate department or team members, including the Hospice Human Resource Department to ensure PVG Clearance is in place prior if your visit includes spending time with the Hospice Clinical Team.

Those who have visited the hospice previously have described the experience as “unique, awe-inspiring, holistic, challenging, informative and motivational”. In order to develop and understanding of the role of the Hospice in the life of those living with life limiting illness, taking a closer look would be our recommendation.

“curiouser and curiouser”
Alice in Wonderland

Clinical Placement Opportunities

The Hospice offers Clinical and Psychological Placement opportunities to a variety of students and professionals studying at Colleges or Universities in Scotland. Placements extend from a few days to six or eight weeks and include Induction, Orientation and Mentorship, access to the Hospice Education Programme, experience across the Multi-Disciplinary Team either through discussion, attending the MDT Meetings or role shadowing opportunities and thorough evaluation. We are proud of the quality of care and services delivered throughout the Hospice and sharing what we do and how we do it, is an honour and privilege.

If you would like to find out more, or would like to register an interest or book a place, please contact the Hospice Education Centre by referring to the Registering an Interest or Booking a Place/Placement section of this brochure.

Those who have undertaken a Clinical Placement within the Hospice have shared their experience through the following narrative

“After visiting the hospice, I have a better understanding of how personal the care of patients is. Although every patient must be treated as an individual, you can see how much the staff really do care for not only the patients but families too and how it’s a lot more personal and touching compared to an every-day ward”Student Nurse

“From my personal perspective, I have learned of the huge support offered to patients, their family and friends and the love and care provided through your work… It has completely altered my perception of Hospice as a concept… Thank you for your support and time spent with me… I shall take this knowledge, experience and wisdom wherever I go…”4th Year Medical Student

“My visit to the palliative care hospice was of rare intensity and helped me understand the complexity behind end of life practices. The most stunning part of the visit though resides in what I found within each person I met – this amazing kindness and optimism that translates into incredible engagement – this was absolutely vibrant and stimulating”an International Visitor