Sound of the Week 22/03/2016

Sound of the Week 22/03/16

Over the past few weeks we have been delivering a beautiful module to health and social care professionals, End of Life Care: The Principles. It’s a 20 SHE Credit module. We have the most wonderful health and social care professionals undertaking this module right now, from across all care settings of NHSGG&C. Thus far we have discussed the essential framework underpinning and supporting the delivery of high quality end of life care. If we didn’t know beforehand, we have come to learn of the importance of this framework for every person dying in Scotland today and their families.

What has been most dynamic and moving is the desire and enthusiasm of the entire group, to get this right. We are not only aware of having only one chance to get it right, but are aware of the consequence of not. A poor or traumatic end of life experience lingers in the hearts and minds of families for a long time afterwards. The anger directed towards a ‘poor death’ can detract from and redirect grief. It can delay the grieving process and alter how people grieve, live and recover.

Listening to the person and family, finding out about wishes and preferences and creating a simple plan of what matters most, has featured heavily in our discussions. We all have wishes and preferences, when given the chance to think about it, we have an idea of what we want… and if we don’t know what we want, we certainly know what we don’t want.

This film is created from this perspective… ‘I didn’t want that’. Dying Matters produced this film in the hope of raising awareness of dying, death and bereavement. Speaking to those we love about what matters to us and what will matter to us when we are dying can be difficult, especially if the situation is real, however knowing that wishes and preferences were communicated, considered and fulfilled can help everyone, the person, family and professionals. Talking about dying takes courage and strength, but it’s worth it.

Please watch this film and if you haven’t given dying a thought, spare a few moments today!

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