Sound of the Week – 22/01/16

Sound of the Week – 22/01/16

To Absent Friends…
Produced by
Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care

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This film forms part of a national storytelling festival which takes place across Scotland in the first week of November. It is a festival where the people of Scotland are encouraged to celebrate the lives of those they have loved and lost. So upon the approach of the Burns celebration and in a moment of sentimentality, I decided to watched it again.

This week we witnessed the death of national treasures and international icons, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Ed Stewart (Stewpot) and Glenn Frey. Their family, friends and colleagues openly shared the most wonderful tributes of their achievements and accolades and above all else their sense of love and loss.

When I heard of the death of Alan Rickman and Ed Stewart I felt immensely sad. Alan Rickman was one of my favourite actors.

If I have learned anything from films such as this, it is that those around us are to be appreciated, loved and communicated with… often we say more about those we love after they have gone than we do when they are alive in our midst. It’s just the way sometimes. Loss is painful. This is what I know and what I heard from this film. Those featuring have never forgotten the love they felt, the relationships they had or what they valued most.

On Wednesday evening I listened to the designer Paul Smith share precious memories of his friend David Bowie… they were collaborators in fashion. I thought of how difficult this conversation must have been. Most of us prefer to grieve privately, yet when one is in the limelight, private thoughts, feelings and memories becomes public.

Whilst it is important to remember those who have died, speaking freely about death, loss and grief is not the norm. People today more than ever before hide their feelings and their words. I wonder often if this is out of a fear of upsetting or of being upset.

On around six occasions this week, I have reminded people, when profusely apologising for crying, that crying is healthy, crying is normal. Crying says more than words ever could…

The look on the faces of those speaking in the film is of love. They are radiant, their look and words are full of hope.

As one so eloquently stated “remembering is love”… It is good to remember, we should do it more often.

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