Sound of the Moment

Sound of the Moment

Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad

Rarely do we consider ourselves an asset in the lives of others… especially at Christmas. Christmas is a time when we are busy thinking of others, organising what we will buy and what we will spend. It is during this time we are most at risk of forgetting that we are the greatest gift of all. Our gifts include our time, kindness, help, support and love.

As soon as this advert popped onto the TV, it immediately prompted thought of those precious people and families the Hospice will be caring for this Christmas. If we were to explore what their one Christmas wish would be, it would include more time with those they love. A diagnosis of serious illness removes all of the mist from life and cuts through all of the trappings that often consume us throughout the festive season. All people hope for is more time.

For those of us who are not living with a life limiting illness, the message from this little advert is clear – stop for a moment, breath, look around, don’t just look at the people in your life, see them with all of the beauty and splendor deserved… they are precious, and most likely desperate for a little more of your time!

At the end of the day, when we reflect on what matters most, spending time with those we love, our friends and family is suffice – it is priceless.

Everyone loves a gift and whilst we know this is advertising, we have the ability to look beyond the advert! Gifts come in all shapes and sizes and not all come wrapped in Christmas paper and sparkling bows… sometimes the best gift sits right beside you on the sofa whilst you are watching TV or is the person who sends you a text with a smiley face or likes all your posts on Facebook! Sometimes that gift is your partner, husband, wife, daughter, son or friend. Often that gift is the person or people right there with you.

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