Running in the family

Fiona and Shona head crop

Some things just run in the family. For Hospice supporters Fiona Crosby and daughter Shona Doherty, that thing happens to be running.

After watching her mum pound the streets from a young age, Shona soon got the bug and hasn’t looked back since.

She is due to run the London Marathon next year and has shown genuine athletic prowess as she closes in on the Commonwealth Games qualifying time for the distance – which stands at a formidable 2hrs 35mins.

But the next thing on the agenda for Shona, and Fiona too, is the Loch Ness Running Festival in Inverness later this month – where the pair will run in aid of St Margaret of Scotland Hospice.

Fiona, who is taking part in the 10k event in the Highlands, said: “We are a family of runners and cyclists. Shona did her first 10k at 16 as she had watched me run the Women’s 10k in Glasgow since she was tiny.

“She always wanted to beat my personal best which she did at 19, but has just got faster and faster.”

As well as improving her speed, Shona also began to take on longer distances and will run the marathon event at Loch Ness with an eye on edging towards her Commonwealth target.

All of which has left Fiona pleasantly surprised – and extremely proud.

She added: “She did her first marathon last year. Since then she has run a half marathon in New York and was invited to run the London Marathon this year.

“It was very exciting to see her in the same starting pen as all the champions.

“Shona is approaching the qualifying time for the Commonwealth Games and she hopes that this marathon will help her on the way.

“She obviously is very dedicated to her running and who knows how far she can go? She even surprises her coach.”

Hospice chief executive Sister Rita added: “We would like to wish Fiona and Shona good luck for the Loch Ness Running Festival and say thank you for taking part in the event in aid of the Hospice.

“We also wish Shona all the best in her attempts to reach the qualifying target for the Commonwealth Games.”