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Overcoming the ‘Great Taboo’

An explanation:
Death, dying and bereavement are our only promises in life. Despite our desire for it not be, the statistics are exact… 100% of us will die. How and when we die will remain a mystery until it’s unfolding; however there is scope to have some essence of control. Our approach and attitude towards this reality can make what is potentially the most fear filled life event, almost bearable.

Thinking about it and planning for its happening will not prevent its occurrence but will not make it happen either. Talking about it, sharing thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams may result in us not becoming death-focussed on life-focussed. For some reason we have become a death denying society and yet, few would know when this actually happened… it just did! We are reminded how harmful it can be to deny the inevitable… to live in a state of pretence… to be an ostrich! Life, despite its difficulties is filled with serendipitous moments of joy, beauty and wonderment… all to be reflected upon, nurtured and nourished.

Until death is with us, life is to be lived.

The consequence of our death denying culture is that grief has become awkward. When a person is grieving, people cross the street, severe contact and relationship… don’t know what to say. It’s common for us to do this because of the not knowing what to say, and yet so few people actually remember words… they remember how they were made to feel… how they were embraced, cared for… not rejected or forgotten.
Death and its occurrence should be planned for. We plan for every other special life event, such as a wedding, birth, holiday or party. It may be what we fear most, but forgetting or choosing not to plan may mean it does not resemble your wishes, your hopes or your life.

If you would like to know more about what all of this means, or if planning is important to you then please come along. We would love to see you…

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow
William Shakespeare

Dates 2014
Time: 1200 – 1400