Open Events

An explanation:

Since time began for St Margaret of Scotland Hospice, members of the public and professional partners have been welcome to visit the Hospice.

Each month the Hospice Lecturer will introduce those attending to the Hospice by presenting, what we do, who we care for, how we do this and the method of referral. By using a short ‘Hospice Overview’ film, participants will be introduced to the wider Hospice Team who will share the value base of care delivery, thoughts and insights.

Those who have attended previous Open Events wrote the following narrative evaluation.

“Today has been informative and emotional. The hospice has a great atmosphere and the staff are so welcoming. The passion and love they have at St Margaret’s is clear to see and is very inspiring. I hope the hospice is here in many years, continuing the great work they do… the video and discussion was very valuable as I believed the hospice only cared for patients at the end stage of life. The services available are many and extremely worthwhile. Well done for all the hard work and effort put into this session”. – Open Event Participant

“I have never thought on how important your own well-being and appearance is to patients as both a nurse and a relative. I’ve also realised today that although you may be very busy, its so important to take time with patients and there’s no need to rush around quite as much. The ward in the hospice was very busy but there were the staff didn’t look flustered”. – Student Nurse

“Having family living down the road from the hospice, I felt I was aware of what St Margaret’s had to offer. But coming here today and watching the film and listening to the Lecturer’s interpretation of the hospice has made me understand how little I actually knew. I feel I now have a better understanding of the concept of palliative care and how much it can change a person’s life for the better. The facilities and care the hospice provides really do promote a fantastic view of what each person who works here stands for”. – Open Event Participant 

Dates 2014
Time: 1400 – 1600
February 24th , March 24th , May 6th , August 4th , September 15th , October 20th , November 17th