One small step is a giant leap for daredevil Colette


Hospice staff nurse Colette McNeill is about to take a giant leap – but it’s the first small step that is worrying her.

Brave Colette, accompanied by colleague Fiona Morrison, is heading to Strathallan on Sunday to perform a skydive.

In recent years she has climbed Ben Nevis, done a bungee jump from the Titan Crane and run a 10K to raise funds for St Margaret of Scotland Hospice.

But despite coming up with the idea for this year’s feat, the prospect of setting off towards the Earth from thousands of feet up has left her feeling a little apprehensive.

Colette said: “I’m excited but quite nervous. It’s getting out the plane that will be the scary part.

“My jump partner will be strapped behind me so I will have to hang forward from the plane until he jumps, which means I’ll also be looking down.”

Thankfully, she has the past experience of dangling over the Clyde on a bungee rope to fall back on.

Colette added: “I’m not very good with heights. For my bungee jump I was a bag of nerves but after it I was buzzing.”

With days still to go until her jump, Colette has raised well over her target of £700 and is closing in on £1000, while Fiona is already into four figures.

If you would like to donate, please visit Colette’s Just Giving page at