Make a Will Month 2019

St Margaret of Scotland Hospice Make a Will Month: Tuesday 1 October 2019 to Thursday 31 October 2019

October is St Margaret of Scotland Hospice’s Make A Will Month.

Making a Will is the best way to ensure your family is cared for after you are no longer with them. It is the only way of ensuring your wishes are implemented in consideration of your family and loved ones.

In Make a Will Month, which runs from Tuesday 1 October to Thursday 31 October, our participating solicitors in Clydebank and Glasgow will help you make a Will at a special rate, with the fee being donated to St Margaret of Scotland Hospice.

Our Make A Will Month is part of our ongoing Venerable Mary Aikenhead Legacy Appeal, which honours the legacy of our Foundress.

By leaving a gift to the Hospice in your Will, you would be helping us to continue the work of Mary Aikenhead, who was declared Venerable by the Pope in 2015.

There is no obligation to do so but we would like you to consider that the smallest of gestures can make the biggest difference to people’s lives.

You could be helping us to care for your loved ones and your community, should they need us.

You can find out more in our Legacies brochure by clicking here.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the work of St Margaret of Scotland Hospice.

To support The Venerable Mary Aikenhead Legacy Appeal, please contact the Fundraising Department on 0141 435 7018 or email

To see the list of participating solicitors for Make a Will Month, please visit