Jumping to Earth from 10,000ft is a scream for Colette and Fiona

Falling to the ground from a height of 10,000ft turned out to be as exhilarating as Colette McNeill hoped it would be – and while it wasn’t quite what you’d call a laugh, it was definitely a scream.

The Hospice staff nurse completed a skydive last Sunday to raise £1000 for the Charity, joined by her equally courageous colleague and friend Fiona Morrison, who also gathered a superb four-figure sum in sponsorship money.

Colette, who in previous years has performed a bungee jump and climbed Ben Nevis on behalf of St Margaret of Scotland Hospice, travelled to Strathallan Airfield in Perthshire to take on her latest daredevil feat.

She said: “I was more calm than I thought I’d be. I was physically sick on the way up in the car but I was fine when I got on the plane.

“I really enjoyed the experience. The freefall especially was great, although I screamed the whole time. I’d definitely do it again.”

Prior to jumping from the small aircraft, Colette had been worried about the split second when she took the leap from the cabin into the sky.

But her fears proved to be unfounded as the moment passed in a blur and she soon found herself appreciating the view.

Colette added: “Fiona jumped before me and I could hear her screaming – even well after she’d jumped out of the plane!

“But I told myself I’d be fine. I counted down to three and don’t actually remember how I got out – suddenly I was in the air.

“I’d closed my eyes for a couple of seconds and when I opened them I was falling. After the freefall, the parachute opened and it was just a case of hanging there, taking it all in. I could see Strathallan Castle down below, the new site for T in the Park.”