Experiential Drop-In Sessions

Open Art Group

An explanation:

An Open Art Group will facilitate opportunity to experience the powerful dynamic of art as a communication method whilst encouraging the development of self and professional skills by utilising the right side of our brain which is known as the ‘creative side’. Often those working with or supporting patients living with life limiting illness utilise the left side of the brain, the ‘thinking, more logical side’. All health, social and psychological professionals require core essential skills, including communication, creativity, holistic assessment, reflection and intuition which are all housed within the right side of our brain.

If you would like the opportunity to optimise yourself and your practice, please book a place. Places are limited.

Dates 2014 – TBC please contact the Hospice Education Centre to find our more

Creative Writing

An explanation:

An example below achieving both explanation and moving experience…

From the Heart – A Physician’s Perspective by Dr Sinead Donnelly, Issue 29 November 2009
Visiting a patient at home

Should I write anything about the look away, the tear caught in the rim of an eye? Can I reveal in words the validity, the authenticity of this perfect moment? Fifty years married this coming Saturday, in an agricultural town in New Zealand. Two weeks ago, on my first visit to this home, she had wondered whether she could plan for the notice in the local newspaper, announcing the anniversary of which she was proud. He did not want her in the room during the visit of the lady doctor and nurse. She, with a long serving crutch, sits with one leg raised, recounting his attention to her in all her illnesses. She tries to understand his irritability with her now. He is in bed, a bed that almost fills the square cramped room. Noticeable are the very bright hot bulbs on the bed side table with tablet bottles and the prominent picture opposite him framed of a woman on her wedding day. A large liver and swollen leg from cancer hampers him. Yet he remains flirtatious and charming in a rough and tumble way with his nurse. His wife with her crutch waits in the outer room.

Two weeks later, now not much talk but still a muffled humorous invitation to the nurse seated on his bed to join him. In the square room, his daughter watches concerned and in tears. His wife, leaning on her crutch, asks my advice on how to handle this blue plastic urinal with the extendible spout, how to position it in the bed. I, in ignorance, defer to the nurse. Julie, the home care nurse, wisely suggests a hospital bed to ease care. Mrs McCardle hesitates, seeming not to understand – “A single bed?” she asks.
We already knew she was up three times last night to help him out of bed – she on a crutch, he with swollen legs and heavy. We knew they still slept together. Her daughter, oblivious, (unaware of her mother’s disappointment at this suggestion) continues with queries about the remote control capabilities of such a bed. Time seemed to turn in slow motion. I watched this wife’s eyes turn down, resist, complain and grieve.

No words spoken. Two days before their 50th wedding anniversary was not the time to displace this woman; not the time to replace this woman with remote controlled efficiency. The man; the woman; the years of turmoil and resolution not now to end in a hospital bed.

On Saturday the prearranged announcement of their 50th wedding anniversary appeared in the local newspaper, the day after his death at home.

Dates 2014 – TBC please contact the Hospice Education Centre to find our more
Time: 1000 – 1400

Given a diagnosis of a disease that will probably end your life, everything changes
Dr Craig Gannon, Deputy Medical Director, Princess Alice Hospice

(Stories from the day hospice, by Chrissie Giles)


An explanation:

Practicing the Art of Mindfulness requires two essential considerations, opportunity and commitment. During the Mindfulness Series, you will be offered the opportunity to practice which leaves the commitment to you. These sessions are drop-in so can be accessed with ease. If you wish to grasp this opportunity, do so…

Dates 2014
Time: 1600 – 1700
March 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, April 7th, 14th, 28th & 12th
October 13th, 20th, 27th, November 3rd, 10th, 17th, December 1st & 12th