Communication Skills for Auxiliary Nurses

Communication is about more than just exchanging information. It’s about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information. More than just the words you use, effective communication combines a set of skills including nonverbal communication, engaged listening, managing stress in the moment, the ability to communicate assertively, and the capacity to recognize and understand your own emotions and those of the person you’re communicating with.
Effective communication helps you deepen your connections to others and improve teamwork, decision making, and problem solving. It enables you to communicate even negative or difficult messages without creating conflict or destroying trust.
This course will provide opportunity for the Auxiliary Nurse to explore, discover, develop and enhance the communication skills you have or wish to improve.

The course aims to provide a supportive experiential learning opportunity to:

    • Increase your awareness of your own communication skills
    • Reflect upon current practice and skills for effective communication
    • Demonstrate the importance of good communication skills
    • Explore strategies for improving and developing professional communication skills

This course is being facilitated by the Education Facilitator of the Specialist Palliative Care Centre of the St Margaret of Scotland Hospice.

‘Deliver your words not by number but by weight.’ – Proverb

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Course Info

1 Day Course
Dates: 10th February, 20th April, 14th September 2020
Time: 10:00 – 15:00
Venue: St Margaret of Scotland Hospice


Caren Chang, Education Facilitator.

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