Cian takes chance to home in on fundraising target

After 12 years living in Glasgow, Cian O’Driscoll calls the city his home.
But when the chance came up to raise funds for St Margaret of Scotland Hospice by returning to the place he grew up, it was a challenge he couldn’t turn down.

Earlier this month, his hard work came to fruition when he competed in the Limerick Marathon.

His time of 3hrs 41mins wasn’t the only impressive figure involved, with Cian’s fundraising drive collecting a fantastic sum of more than £800.

He told us: “I get back to Ireland about once every three or four months to see friends and family but this was my first time doing the marathon there.

“My friend, Fred Cartmel, who was a patient at the Hospice suggested that I run on behalf of SMH.

“Fred arrived at the Hospice in, I think, late January of this year. He passed away in February.

“I visited him several times while he was at St Margaret’s and he spoke warmly of the wonderful care he was receiving. It wasn’t an easy time, either for Fred or for his wife, Mo, but the nurses and doctors and all the care staff at St Margaret’s were extraordinary in their generosity and compassion.

“They even helped with the wedding planning when Fred and Mo decided to get married.”

Cian, a lecturer in politics at Glasgow University, is an experienced runner and, with the marathon falling on a milestone date, it made sense to return to his old stomping ground for his fundraising effort.

He added: “I turned 40 the week of the marathon. I’ve previously run the Athens, Barcelona, and Loch Ness marathons. But this was my first time running the Limerick race, which was my hometown run.

“It looked like a super race, plus it was a nice opportunity to see my family and celebrate my birthday all in one go.

“There were also a few challenges along the way in preparation. There’s one particular hill on the West Highland Way that was a huge struggle, while there was a very wet and cold run along the canal at Clydebank that led me to question my sanity!

“But, honestly, the generosity I encountered was heart-warming. People who I hadn’t seen for years or whom I barely knew responded to my JustGiving page by making a donation. It was quite humbling. It then meant I really had to run the marathon!”

You can make a donation to Cian’s JustGiving page at: