Brothers band together for Hospice marathon challenge

Brothers Scott and Grant McFarlane and banding together to run the London Marathon next month.

The determined pair are regular five-a-side players but have had to drastically step up their exertions in preparation for the 26-mile endurance run in the UK capital.

They have already raised almost £1700 for their chosen charity beneficiaries, which include St Margaret of Scotland Hospice.

Scott, 29, told us about why they are taking part in the event.

He said: “Our Aunt Elissa spent her last few months in the Hospice and received invaluable care in the final stages of her life. Our family will always be indebted for that reason.

“Grant was fortunate to win a place in the open ballot for the marathon. It felt opportune for me to take a ballot place through work.

“This has allowed me to raise funds for the Hospice as well as for the Dementia Revolution, another worthwhile cause.”

Describing their training, Scott, who works for Clydesdale Bank, said the brothers knew they were taking a huge step.

But both he and Grant, a 31-year-old joiner, are happy the hard work is literally paying off in the form of sponsorship, and expect to feel even more gratified come the end of the run.

Scott said: “It is rewarding to see the fundraising amount go up, and does continually motivate us to put the mileage in.

“Hopefully the day itself is rewarding and can be looked back on as a proud achievement.

“We’ve not quite started from zero fitness as we play football regularly, but pre-Christmas the furthest either of us had ran before was 10k – a quarter of what we’ll do on the day itself.

“Training is going well and times are looking optimistic but absolutely the hardest part is the knocks and pains on your body. To say it’s tough going would be an understatement.

“The fact that we’ve never done anything like this before makes it more interesting and certainly more challenging.”

Asked what he was looking forward to most, Scott said: “Hitting that 26-mile mark knowing you’ve only got 0.2 miles left as you run up to the Palace.”

And the least? “The preceding 26 miles,” he added.

You can sponsor the McFarlane brothers at