Advanced Communication Skills Workshop

Advanced Communication Skills

Whilst effective communication is important in all health care settings and in all aspects of illness and wellbeing, it is crucial at the end of life. The core ingredient to the development of successful therapeutic relationships with patients and families is ‘good’ interdisciplinary team communication.
It has been reported, health and social care professionals lack the essential skills required to adequately assess, support and sensitively communicate with people who are seriously ill, especially as end of life approaches. Managing challenging and often complex emotional situations and conversations requires a specific level of competence, confidence and self-awareness.
This course provides opportunity for those attending to analyse their level of competence and areas for development as well as providing a safe environment in which to examine comfort zones and the risks associated when we step outside.

Aims of the course:

    • Explore and identify the principles of communication.
    • Understand the importance of good communication in high quality end of life care
    • Identify the difficulties and challenges that can arise when communicating uncertainty to people at an emotionally intense time of life
    • Examine your comfort zones and what would encourage a giant leap forward
    • Through reflective role play and other creative visual and interactive methods, examine practice, identifying areas where improvement could occur
    • Examine barriers and blocks existing within the context of death, dying and bereavement
    • Establish how barriers and blocks influence the effective creation of advanced care plans and the delivery of personalised care

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Course Info

2 Day Course
Dates: 14th & 21st February, 7th & 14th September 2020
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Venue: St Margaret of Scotland Hospice


Jacquie Smith- Director of Education & Strategic Development
Elizabeth Thomas- Specialist Palliative Care Nurse.

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